A new Dad’s Army film? Only a stupid boy would try

Rumours of a new Dad’s Army film have been circulating for some time now. Back in 2012 I offered some advice for anyone daft enough to try. It looks as though I wasted my time though, as in the past few days details […]

Dad’s Army Special – the Coward Revue

The Dad’s Army excerpt from the 1969 Noel Coward Revue was for a long time a little-seen part of the series archive. For many years copies of it resided in the BBC and Dad’s Army Appreciation Society’s archives but were […]

Mixed News from Walmington-on-Sea

There has recently been mixed news from Thetford, familiar to many as the as the real-world Walmington-on-Sea. The good news is that, following its recent purchase by the Thetford Dad’s Army Museum’, Corporal Jones’ 1935 Ford Box van has reportedly […]

News of Dad’s Army Van on Radio Two

Following the recent sale of Coporal Jones’ van to the Thetford Dad’s Army museum, the story was picked-up on the Chris Evans show on Radio 2 on 4th December. The new owner of the iconic van was interviewed by Evans, […]

Jonesy’s Van Sells for £63,000

We reported in the autumn that the Ford Box Van that appeared as Lance Corporal Jones’ van in Dad’s Army was to be sold by then owners the Patrick Collection. The van was expected to fetch between £20,000 and £30,000 […]

Hidden in the Ranks

Dad’s Army is rightly regarded as one of the most important sitcoms ever made or broadcast in the UK. The series ran for almost a decade, amounting to 80 episodes, and at its peak reached audiences that modern-day programme makers […]