50 Moments That Made Dad’s Army: #37 Wilson’s Daughter


Getting the Bird is a great episode, and has already featured before in this series of clips from the series. Like much of the best of Dad’s Army it is a mix of daft situations, character conflict and comic slapstick, with a bit of the private lives of the platoon members thrown in for good measure.

In this episode it is Wilson’s turn to have his private life examined. The sergeant’s private life attracts a good deal of attention throughout the series due to his reputation as a lady-killer (though there is very little actual evidence of this status). He has been behaving oddly and has been seen about the town with a young woman, much to Mrs Pike’s distress.

In the final scene we learn who the young beauty he has been spending time with is, in a scene which is rather touching moment that comes just before projectile-pigeons bring the episode to a raucous conclusion.


50 Moments that made Dad’s Army is a series of blog posts each focusing on one moment that helped define the popular comedy series. There will be one post for each of the 50 days leading-up to the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of the first episode of the series on 31st July 1968. 50 Moments that Made Dad’s Army is brought to you by walmington-on-line.co.uk and copyright of all video clips belongs to the BBC.



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