The Dads Army Genome project begins – what’s that then?

So this is going to take some explaining. If you follow the Walmington-on-Line Twitter stream @walmingtonon you may have seen us trailing something called the Dads Army Genome #dadsarmygenome. What is the Dads Army Genome? If you’ve seen the BBC Genome […]

Featured Dad’s Army Episode – The Big Parade

Tonight at 2030 BBC will screen the 27th Dad’s Army episode – The Big Parade. Perry and Croft seemed to be mining an aquatic theme at this stage of Dad’s Army  series 4. The previous episode, Sons of the Sea, […]

Featured Episode: We Know Our Onions

We Know Our Onions sees the redoubtable Walmington-on-Sea platoon in trouble as they attempt to take part in a Home Guard efficiency test. The day starts badly with Wilson complaining about having to take the platoon’s new Smith Gun, of which Mainwaring is […]

A new Dad’s Army film? Only a stupid boy would try

Rumours of a new Dad’s Army film have been circulating for some time now. Back in 2012 I offered some advice for anyone daft enough to try. It looks as though I wasted my time though, as in the past few days details […]

Dad’s Army Special – the Coward Revue

The Dad’s Army excerpt from the 1969 Noel Coward Revue was for a long time a little-seen part of the series archive. For many years copies of it resided in the BBC and Dad’s Army Appreciation Society’s archives but were […]