Wednesday 14th January 1948

I received a reply from the town clerk’s office today. I shall paste it here into my diary as a permanent record of the shocking standard of public servants now the emergency is over:   The Town Clerk’s Office, Walmington-on-Sea Town […]

13th January 1948

I have decided today to commence searching for somewhere permanent to live. This shabby hotel is draining my sprits and I cannot countenance staying here much longer. As Elizabeth seems unlikely to return from India for the foreseeable future I […]

12th January 1948

I received a letter from Elizabeth this morning. I had hoped it would contain news of her recovery. However the contents were most peculiar, combining eastern mysticism with a tersely worded request to send woollen socks and Vicks chest-rub. I […]

8th January 1948

It’s outrageous! The High Street has changed beyond recognition. Jones’ shop has been bought by that man Hodges who has installed his cousin behind the counter. It is most off-putting to watch the fellow chopping meat and see that he […]