F Pike Deputy Assistant to the Town Clerk
Wednesday 14th January 1948
Mainwaring at the Door
13th January 1948
Vicks Chest Rub
12th January 1948
Rev Timothy Farthing
11th January 1948
George Mainwaring
10th January 1948
Mainwaring and Wilson
9th January 1948
Butcher shop
8th January 1948
Chance meetings of old comrades
7th January 1948
A Wilson - bank manager
6th January 1948

5th January 1948

It’s disgraceful! I’ve never been so incensed in my life. This morning I called at the bank – my bank – to arrange an interview with the manager. I was greeted by some rouged and powdered female who claimed to be the clerk.

On informing her that I wished to make an appointment with the manager she replied that “e’s gorn to Londin to ‘ave ‘is ‘air cut – give us a call this arternoon”.

I replied that I could not telephone as I had no phone and she replied – “aaw, I wouldn’t bovver then. We don’t do charity cases.”

I shall visit the bank at nine-thirty sharp tomorrow and give this dandy of a manager a piece of my mind.

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