50 Moments That Made Dad’s Army: #20 Did You Come Here to Die?

Day 20 and time for a bit of drama from the episode Somethng Nasty in the Vault. There are a couple of interesting bits of trivia about this episode. Firstly, from a cut scene we learn that the events of the episode take place exactly one year after The Man and the Hour (whose 50th anniversary we are fast approaching). And secondly, although filmed in colour for the 3rd season of Dad’s Army, for many years after its first transmission it was only seen in black-and-white until the colour master copy was relocated.

Anyhow, back to today’s magic moment which comes as Wilson and Mainwaring sit, stranded in the bank’s vault holding a precariously balanced bomb on their laps and awaiting death at any moment. It is a moment of real drama and one which both writers and actors made the most of as I’ve written about before.

There is a rare moment of Wilson showing signs of stress and Mainwaring steps in to comfort him and even tries a joke. Of course it wouldn’t be Dad’s Army without a bit of slapstick and that comes, as so often, from Corporal Jones. All in all a lovely moment of tension, humour – and Godfrey making the coffee.


50 Moments that made Dad’s Army is a series of blog posts each focusing on one moment that helped define the popular comedy series. There will be one post for each of the 50 days leading-up to the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of the first episode of the series on 31st July 1968. 50 Moments that Made Dad’s Army is brought to you by walmington-on-line.co.uk and copyright of all video clips belongs to the BBC.



1 thoughts on “50 Moments That Made Dad’s Army: #20 Did You Come Here to Die?

  1. A fabulous light look at life in home guard. Perfectly scripted, acted and superb casting. A show that can bring you to both tears of laughter and sadness.
    Poignant and thought provoking. I love the relationships between the characters. I never bore of watching my Dad’s Army box set.

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