50 Moments That Made Dad’s Army: #18 Operation Dance


There is nothing Mainwaring enjoys quite so much as planning something especially if he can lay most of the work off on others.

The episode War Dance focuses a lot on Pike’s budding love life but as the preparations for the dance are being made there is a lovely scene with Mainwaring, Jones, Godfrey, Frazer and Walker in which they sketch out what needs to be done. Jones, true to form, offers up sausages though we can guess that the Captain’s offer of his wife’s assistance in turning them to sausage rolls will come to grief.

It comes as no surprise that Godfrey is expert at making Maid of Honour buns but the best of this moment is Walker’s sarcastic reaction to Jonesey’s suggestion that they attempt to dance to music from the Salvation Army band. All in all it is the Dad’s Army ensemble at its best.



50 Moments that made Dad’s Army is a series of blog posts each focusing on one moment that helped define the popular comedy series. There will be one post for each of the 50 days leading-up to the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of the first episode of the series on 31st July 1968. 50 Moments that Made Dad’s Army is brought to you by walmington-on-line.co.uk and copyright of all video clips belongs to the BBC.



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