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Round-Up of Dad’s Army Film Reviews

The new Dad’s Army film was premièred last night, and the reviews are out. Expectations for the film have been mixed – we have expressed our own concerns – so let’s take a look at what the critics think.

Dad's Army film cast on paradeThe Guardian gives the film 2 stars, saying “the cast pull off a convincing impression – and Catherine Zeta-Jones adds sauce – but there’s something inescapably creaky about this strangest of sitcom revivals”. They make some positive comments about the performances and aspects of the script but ultimately can’t see the point or reviving the Dad’s Army franchise almost 50 years since its inception.

The Telegraph similarly give the movie 2 stars, praising the cast but criticising the script, especially the ‘feeble jokes’.

The Radio Times is a little more positive in its 3 star review. Michael Gambon, as Godfrey, attracts particular praise and in Mark Braxton’s view “there is much to enjoy in the 2016 vintage of Dad’s Army”.

Wales Online gives the film a positive write-up, giving special praise to the casting of Catherine Zeta-Jones as Pike’s love interest, and the scenes between her and Bill Nighy’s Wilson.

The Mirror is less enthusiastic with David Edwards giving the film just one star and claiming the film “contains all the humour of a V2 rocket attack”.

The Sun is more enthusiastic, and while they seem mostly interested in how low-cut Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dress was at the première, they conclude “this is a proud but far from perfect effort. But, no kidding, it’s sure to make you laugh.”

Most enthusiastic is The Independent whose Sean O’Grady gives the film a full 5 stars. He advises “long-standing devotees of Dad’s Army that they need not panic, that the remake was, after all, “awfully wise” as Wilson might put it. Welcome back to Walmington-on-Sea.”

There are a whole load more reviews out there but this gives you a flavour of what the critics think.



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