Dad's Army - Jones' Van

Keep on Trucking

We reported last year that the 1935 Ford Box Van which appeared in so many episodes of Dad’s Army had been purchased at auction by the Thetford Dad’s Army museum, with the aid of funds raised by two families.  According to the BBC the van has been fully restored over the winter and now transferred from the Charles Burrell Steam Museum, where it resides, to the Dad’s Army museum to go on public display.

Museum spokesperson Corinne Fulford said “This is a really exciting weekend for the Charles Burrell and Dad’s Army museums with Jones’ van being on show. She’s been fully restored and on Saturday at one o’clock she’ll be driving for the first time from the Burrell to Dad’s Army museum.”

The van was purchased for £63,000 by the museum and the museum is continuing to raise funds to repay the kind benefactors who funded its purchase to prevent the van being lost to the public. So far £20,000 has been raised.

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