Dad's Army 50th Anniversary

Dad’s Army at 50 – the Countdown Begins

It was 50 years ago, in 1968, that Dad’s Army was first seen – a new sitcom taking its first tentative steps. Nobody then knew what a huge success it would become and few could have believed that, half a century later, it would still be shown weekly to an audience of millions.

Mainwaring and Wilson

The 50th anniversary of the screening of the first episode falls on 31st July this year. To celebrate, we are going to run a series of daily posts celebrating 50 moments that made Dad’s Army what it is today. With a short clip of the episode and some of our thoughts about why that moment is so important.

There are 80 episodes of Dad’s Army so we can’t take even one moment from each of them. So we have consulted with fans of the programme and re-watched the programmes (it’s a tough job…) to come up with 50 moments – funny, sad, touching, exciting – from the series.

This is still a work in progress, but already we have had a great time dipping into each of the nine series as well as the Christmas specials and even one or two Dad’s Army moments that fell outside the series altogether.

The countdown will begin on Tuesday 12th June and will continue to end on 31st July, exactly 50 years after The Man and the Hour first brought the Walmington-on-Sea platoon into our lives.

Subscribers to this site will be sent each one by email and we will also be posting them to our Twitter account @walmingtonon┬áso there’s no excuse for missing-out.

So put Tues 12th June in your calendar and join us in the countdown to the best anniversary of the year!

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