Clive Dunn Dies Aged 92

Clive DunnWe are very sad to report that Clive Dunn, Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army has died at the aged of 92.

According to a BBC News report, Dunn died in Portugal, where he had lived for many years, on Tuesday 6th November following surgery.

Clive Dunn’s acting career stretched back to the 1930s, when he appeared with Will Hay. He played several parts in Hancock’s Half Hour but became a household name as the aged and doddery Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army, despite being only in his forties when the series began. He also scored a hit single with the song ‘Grandad’ and starred in a popular children’s TV series also called Grandad. It seems that he was born to play aged roles.

He was an active supporter of the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society and appeared at numerous of their events.

An obituary can be found at the BBC website.

Thanks for the laughs Clive.

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