50 Moments That Made Dad’s Army: #5 Reporting House Cleared

Reporting House Cleared

The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones has a special place in the Dad’s Army catalogue for me and it’s because of this moment. Somehow I managed to miss seeing this episode for many years and I think it was the last Dad’s Army episode I ever saw for the first time. It was recorded exactly 46 years ago today on 16 June 1972.

The format of many episodes was to have a central story-line accompanied by several only loosely connected comic scenes. That is the case with this episode, with the car and the tree being a good example (and a rare instance of stop-motion animation used in a sitcom). But that’s not the section I’ve chosen.

The moment I’ve chosen here brilliantly brings together all of the members of the Platoon the vicar, verger and Hodges in one explosive comic moment – which caused me to spit coffee across the living-room the first time I saw it.



50 Moments that made Dad’s Army is a series of blog posts each focusing on one moment that helped define the popular comedy series. There will be one post for each of the 50 days leading-up to the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of the first episode of the series on 31st July 1968. 50 Moments that Made Dad’s Army is brought to you by walmington-on-line.co.uk and copyright of all video clips belongs to the BBC.



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