Thetford Museum Appeals for Help to Buy Jonesy’s Van

Corporal Jones' 1935 Ford Box van at the Thetford Dad's Army MuseumWe reported in September that the Ford van that appeared regularly as Corporal Jones’ troop transport in Dad’s Army is to be auctioned by its current owners, The Patrick Collection, in December. The iconic van is expected to sell for between £20,000 and £30,000 pounds.

Reported in the Norwich Evening News, the Thetford Dad’s Army Museum is trying to raise funds to buy the van to bring back to the town that has become the unofficial home of the show.

Museum manager Corinne Fulford is quoted as saying “we’ve got a proven track record of raising large amounts of money in a short amount of time but from September to December, even for us, it would be too much to ask. What we’re asking for is one, or more than one, generous benefactor to stand as good for the money so we can purchase it in December and then we’d fundraise to pay it back.”.

Dad’s Army fans have been lucky in recent years that the current owners have made the van available for events and exhibitons at locations such as the Thetford Museum and nearby Bressingham including many of the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society’s events. If the new owner is the Thetford Museum it will ensure that Joney’s adapted 1935 Ford Box van will continue be seen by fans for years to come.

If you can help, then call Thetford Museum’s Corinne Fulford on 07802 701911, or email

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